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Elevating Melodies LLC

Learn the instrumental foundations on the violin and piano, how to practice smart, and learn your favorte songs all from the comforts of your own home.

Hey there! I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Elevating Melodies Program – your journey to violin or piano advancement. Here’s how this program is your key to becoming the musician you’ve always envisioned:

Pillar 1: Instrument Foundations

Struggling to decipher or play new music? Say goodbye to confusion. In this pillar, you’ll learn how to read new scores and understand the theory behind them in relation to your instrument, unlocking a world of melodies. Through interactive video lessons and printable guides and exercises, I’ll be with you step by step to strengthen your basic instrumental skills and techniques. It’s kinda like building the foundation of the house before we put up the walls.

Pillar 2: Smart Practice 

Tired of hitting practice plateaus? Get ready to level up. Discover effective practice and instrumental techniques that skyrocket your skills without wasting precious time. With personalized guidance, you’ll watch your progress soar. This is like having a turbo boost for your music journey – every note propelling you forward.

Pillar 3: Repertoire Elevation 

Wishing to learn your favorite songs? Your wish is my command. Uncover the art of building a diverse collection of pieces. Through insightful coaching and curated resources, you’ll expand your musical horizons. Imagine your repertoire as a colorful garden, each piece a unique bloom.

Pillar 4: Accountability awareness 

Need a guiding hand along the way? You’re not alone. Our weekly check-ins and progress tracking will keep you on a straight and narrow path. It’s like having a trusty co-pilot on your journey. I’m here to celebrate your victories and navigate challenges together.

Imagine stepping onto a stage, confident and poised, skillfully performing the music you love. That’s the ambition of success you’re about to create with the Elevating Melodies Program. Are you ready to aim high and make your dreams a reality?”

Remember, you’ve got this! Let’s embark on this adventure together and elevate your melodies!

Hi! I’m Becca! I grew up in Wyoming where I learned how to fiddle and was classically trained by many great teachers and experiences. From all- state orchestra to bluegrass festivals, these experiences have shaped my musical journey and I am so excited to share with you what I have come to know.

Trained on the piano by my mother since a young child I have learned to read, play, and even write my own music! Let’s work together to help you learn what you need to know to have your own wonderful experiences and fulfil your own musical journey!

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Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Learning

Discover the joy of improving your violin or piano skills from the comfort of your own home with Elevating Melodies. Gain access to video trainings and personalized one-on-one sessions that will take your musical journey to new heights. Have access to a community of other musicians learning just like you! My program is designed to strengthen your instrument foundations, enhance your practice efficiency, elevate your repertoire, and provide ongoing accountability and support. Learn more about the Elevating Melodies Program now.

I don’t think I would change anything. Communication is great, and that is paramount for anyone to succeed in a partnership. I sincerely appreciate Becca’s availability! Willingness to provide video, voice, and text feedback as needed is great!


Before this program I couldn’t play twinkle twinkle little star. Now I can play 5 or 6 different melodies beyond the specific melody I was focused on. Intonation is not 100% perfect but that will come with time and it sounds great to my own ears; way better than what I was accomplishing on my own.


I have received ongoing guidance and exercises to correct my form and ensure my ability to learn advanced violin playing techniques.


Let’s Learn Together!

Book a free discovery call to see how we can best work together to meet your goals! Learn about what the Elevating Melodies Program will look like for your individual needs and how we can best accomplish the desires and dreams you have for your musical journey!