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Violin Trainings

Learn about the violin and each part of the instrument
Watch this video if you need help to  attach the shoulder rest
Watch this video to learn how to care for your bow. Helpful if you have questions about rosining, tightening or loosening the bow!

This video is helpful if you need more knowledge on tuning your violin

Learn how to properly hold your violin in shoulder position, and how to have proper posture in your left hand

Proper bow hold and good posture

Learn how to play Pizzicato with and without holding the bow

Learn the different ways to produce a good sound from the bow: the balance between pressure and speed, the correct way to use the bow and keep it straight as you play on the strings

Learn about half steps and whole steps and their relation to the finger patterns we use with the violin

Learn what notes each string is and which notes are on each string

Piano Trainings

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